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Chicago Civil Rights Lawyers Representing Victims of Police Misconduct

Illinois attorneys hold law enforcement accountable for violating your rights

The role of the police is to serve and protect. That means protecting individuals from harm and protecting the rights guaranteed by the Constitution to every individual. Most officers take these responsibilities seriously, serving their community and risking their lives for the good of the public. Other officers don’t always act honorably. And too many officers look the other way when their colleagues commit misconduct, enforcing a code of silence. At Kenneth N. Flaxman, P.C., we stand up to law enforcement officers, police departments and police organizations to protect your rights.

Excessive Force

In far too many cases, officers misuse their authority by using excessive and unreasonable force, sometimes causing death or great bodily harm.

Wrongful Arrest

Police officers must have a reasonable basis any time they place someone in custody. Even when the police do not formally state, “you are under arrest,” a person is considered to be under arrest if reasonable people in their shoes would believe that they are not free to leave.

Wrongful Prosecution

The arresting officers are the first of many actors in the criminal justice system. Too often, police officers start a prosecution based on insufficient or fabricated evidence. This can cause the accused to spend months or years in jail while criminal charges are pending.

Unreasonable Search of the Person

All searches by police officers or jail guards must be carried out in a reasonable manner and for a legitimate reason. For example, officers cannot perform a strip search without having a reasonable basis to believe that the search will turn up evidence of a crime. And even with a reasonable basis, officers may not perform a search in a way that is humiliating or painful.

Unreasonable Search of the Home

Police officers must have a warrant to enter your home. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but even when officers have a valid reason to enter a home, the search must be conducted reasonably. For example, officers may not unnecessarily destroy property and officers may not continue searching after they have found what they are looking for.

Our attorneys represent the public whenever their rights are violated.

Contact attorneys who stand up to the police to get you justice

If you are the victim of police misconduct, seek the advice of a lawyer at Kenneth N. Flaxman, P.C. in Chicago. We look forward to helping you pursue civil rights or personal injury claims in order to hold the police accountable for their actions. Contact us at 312-427-3200 or online to schedule a consultation.